Mit freundlicher Genehmigung dürfen wir die Texte und Posts unserer Freund*innen von Kesha Niya ( hier veröffentlichen. Sie befinden sich kontinuierlich im Einsatz in Ventimiglia. 

April 28, 2018

We are now more then one year in the area of Ventimiglia (28.04.2018) and during this time everything changed a lot, we started with 300 bags containing hot meals, 200 sandwich bags, hot tea and water at two different places. We where cooking for Ramadan twice a day. During the summer we served food for around 500 people, we had a medical point what got stoped by the authorities and this winter the number decreased to 150!
Last week the unofficial camp under the bridge got evicted and destroyed by the officials and untill now the police is guarding the bridge and letting no one enter the bridge area. Open racism from the police at a public place. We don’t know for how long this will continue, we are still cooking and distributing for the people in Ventimiglia and we will continue!
Next week we will take part at the solidarity march from Ventimiglia to Calais, we will provide food at the 1st of may in Breil sur Roya and on the 2nd we will be in Sospel.

Love and Peace, your Kesha Niya Crew!