December 31, 2018

Friends and family,

It is the end of the year already and we want to say a massive thank you for the awesome help and support we received this year which made us able to continue our mission !

We thank you for the food you brought us, the clothes you gathered, the money you offered, the logistical help you provided and much more :

Thank you to all the scouts and students who came to learn more about the situation of Ventimiglia and shared some time with the migrants.

Thank you to those who brought music to light up the evenings at the distribution and at the farm.

Thank you to the associations that provide us the means of continuing our missions day by day by lending us their ressources and their much needed help !

Special thanks too to the associations in Germany that keep helping us by raising funds and sharing our fights.

Thank you to our long time friends who still support us and always find a way to come up with solutions when we are in trouble !

Thank you to the new friends we made this year also who are bringing new and fresh ideas and enthusiastic help !

Thank you to groups that came to us and put all their energy and ingenuity into developping new ways to help.

Thank you to the associations, groups and activists that are working relentlessly with us in and around Ventimiglia.

Thank you for opening your spaces, hosting us in transit and making our relocation this year possible.

Thank you to those who come to help regularly at the distribution and thank you again to those who come to eat and help with the distribution first !

Another very big thank you to all the volunteers that came, shared our work and are forever part of our family.

Finally thank you for collecting wood beside us, for distributing with us, for eating with us, carrying water with us, lighting up fires with us, for bearing with us, for watching with us, driving us, cooking with us, for living along us, making tea with us, hosting us, translating for us and others, and much much more. Thank you for doing all of this for you, for us, and for an ideal we all believe in.

Thank you all for your support in 2018, we are counting on you for 2019 and you know you can count on us !!

Kesha Niya, the fight is not over.